We are excited about the future!
Vision 2027 is a five-year plan that moves from “Big Picture” goals to “Next 90 Days” objectives.

In the next five years, our church will continue to become a congregation of ‘Rooted and Reaching’ leaders and disciples. We will continue to become a "church of many pastors". The ongoing shift from ‘business-as-usual’ to ‘Kingdom-Advancing’ will further shape our approach to leadership and spiritual growth. The current season of spiritual, missional, cultural and financial renewal which we have been experiencing  will be formative in seeing this happen successfully. In the end, First Baptist Church, Charlottetown will intentionally remain a church of personal transformation, that multiplies ‘Rooted and Reaching" leaders who seek to meet the needs of our changing community, church and times. 

For a closer look at the vision, please check out The Big Picture and our original (2025) Leadership Diagram!

The Big Picture Leadership Diagram